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Multicraft Construction International is a full-service Civil Engineering and Construction Management company. The company addresses a wide range of tasks from pre-conception, design and post-construction activities. Our flexibility gives us the opportunity to render the entire project cost effective meeting the client’s requirements.

Our company covers the complete construction sequence from preliminary studies to final acceptance inspection. We maintain a very strict policy of adherence to quality control and quality assurance. We evaluate the basic properties of materials revise and interpret the job specifications, establish construction inspection procedures, inspect materials suppliers and fabricators, and provide quality control and quality assurance inspection during the construction process.

Our qualified group of Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers, and Project inspectors make sure our clients get the best of their investments.


Multicraft Construction International

Multicraft Contruction International is a construction management company that addresses a wide range of tasks related to pre-conception, design and post construction activities. 

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